Are We Alone?

One thought-provoking question always lingers in my mind, and I believe that I am not the only one. Are we alone? The space as we know it – vast, spacious – seeming to disappear into nothingness as it expands. Reaching far away, way out of my realm of understanding and it scares me. We are so small, very extremely small compared to other gigantic celestial bodies out there. The more I look into it, the wilder my mind wanders. Is there life out there? Other than us humans on this diminutive terrestrial planet called Earth? Are we also considered aliens to the aliens out there? I am a firm believer that there is some kind of life forms out there. Be it as simple as unicellular organisms to multicellular, complex beings as humans, I believe there is.

Back to my main debate – are we alone? If we really are, then there must be a reason behind it, as everything is built upon reasons and consequences. Is there actually civilization out there, but its age has already long past, leaving remnants behind being so ancient that we could not make anything out of them? An astrophysicist named Summer Ash (she’s so cool, go check her out!) mentioned about how life is not without water. One of the Galilean moons, Europa, was the first place astronomers ever got hints about liquid water – in its salt water ocean! Could there be some form of life swimming, living there? Not enough? Well, what about Enceladus and its water vapor sprouting from its surface, indicating that there is ocean underneath. There should be some living organism in there somewhere.

Sprays of liquid water sprouting out from Enceladus’ surface, also known as water curtains. SOURCE

The search for forms of life started ever since we sent our very first human mission to Mars. NASA is getting ready to send one of their projects, Atacama Rover Drilling to search for life on Mars. Due to the extreme dryness and temperature on Mars, they believe that doing a simulation and demonstration on the high desert of Chile should do the deal. The team believe that by roving, drilling and all together while detecting for life could work together, resulting in the very intention of searching for evidence of life on Mars. Read more here.

Now that I have clearly stated my arguments, what about you? Which side are you on?