Miraculous Arts in Space

I have a thing for picturesque, unique space landscape and pattern and there are two nebulae that has always been my favorite. Ever since I was in elementary school (that was when I learned about space), I found out that there are MANY beautiful and spectacular shapes of nebulae. Since then, I was hooked. Two of my favorites are Pillars of Creation and The Unicorn.

pilars of creation
Pillars of Creation as taken from Hubble Space Telescope. SOURCE

Pillars of Creation, situated in Eagle Nebula, was a photograph taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in 1995. It shows three massive columns of cold gas surrounded with hot ultraviolet light emitted from the young stars around them. Some says that they look like elephant trunks of gases and dust with some newborn hot stars. Why are they called Pillars of Creation? They are named so because the gases and dust in it are actually in the process of creating new stars. Therefore, they are as if the pillars which are birthing to newborn stars. The end of each gigantic pillar shadows the cold gas below them, thus creating long structure that looked like columns.  The photo taken by the telescope was awarded one of the top ten photographs by Hubble. The Pillars of Creation, to me, look so majestic and magical. I think it is so amazing and the space sure knows how to flaunt its beauty!

Part of Trifid Nebula that looked like the horn of a unicorn. SOURCE

The Unicorn is also one of the spectacular arts the space has to offer us. It is actually a part of Trifid Nebula which looked like the horn of a unicorn. Trifid Nebula is quite easy to find using a small telescope and it is also located in Sagittarius. The nebula also acts as a nursery of embryonic stars and new born stars. The horn is actually a ‘finger’ protruding from the dense cloud of gases pointing directly towards the star in the middle of Trifid. Trifid, which means ‘divided into three’ is a quite direct representation of three parts it hosts. A dark nebula, the emission nebula, and also the reflection nebula and they can be seen as a bright object through the small telescope. The bright and distinctive features make Trifid Nebula a favorite subject to amateur astronomers.

There are so many amazing arts out there in space that would absolutely blow our mind, and definitely more coming. Now that I have told you my favorites, what are some of yours?