Black Hole’s Opposite Twin?

Black holes are so last year. Wanna hear something more interesting? WHITE HOLES!

Black holes, as we know, do not let anything escape from their surface, engulfing anything and everything that dare come near them, deeming themselves powerful. Even light stand no chance against them, as the space time is so curved, they cannot elude.  As we learned in earlier class, there are 4 consequences should we, human, are swamped into a black hole. Those are spaghettification, magnetically ripped apart, radiation a.k.a. burned to death, or worse, pulverized.

Now, what is this thing called white hole? Scientists are having one of the most debatable questions of all time, where did galaxies come from? Where do the materials that made up galaxies come from? Well, one of the hypothesis is the existence of white hole. Contrary to black hole which does not let anything escape it, white hole does not let anything get in it. In short word, a white hole in a hypothetical surface in space which is believed to spit out astonishing amount of material from nothingness. Now this sounds like something easy to find, but in reality, no white holes have been found…yet!

Artist illustration of the said white hole being the opposite of black hole. SOURCE

If the hypothetical white hole is somewhat real, then it should explain other mystery. Such as, the materials that made up galaxies, the laws of general relativity and many more! Some people argue, saying that the Big Bang itself is a white hole since it is the start of everything. It spewed everything out in a shot and disappeared. That causes the inability for us to actually continuously observe white hole.

What are your say about this? Do you really think there is a white hole out there, waiting to be discovered? The space is so packed with mysteries, it is simply fascinating!


6 thoughts on “Black Hole’s Opposite Twin?

  1. This is the first time I’ve heard of white hole! I think it would be cool if we could find it. Well we know everything in this world always come in pairs. I believe white hole is the pair to black hole. So maybe it does exists after all! 🙂


  2. It seems that scientists enjoy coming up with new ideas that are totally mind-boggling. As if black holes weren’t weird enough, we now have the idea of a white hole. In some ways it does kind of make sense though, like Afi Mohd Sayuti said, in that black holes and white holes are opposite pairs. The universe does seem to love making pairs. Also, a white hole being the start of the Big Bang would make a lot of sense. It will be very interesting to see if scientists will be able to actually locate a white hole, as they have done with black holes.


  3. The notion of Big Bang theory was so mind-racking to me that I thought it was a joke. I mean, how come do helium and hydrogen suddenly appear and fuse together and yada yada yada. There must be a start, a point where stuff comes out and start everything. So, I think the idea of white hole really does make sense in that way. Universe is just full of mysteries, we just don’t know what awaits us next time!


  4. Wow, this is super interesting. your blog is always the first one i would visit because i know i would be able to learn so much interesting stuff from it. Ive never heard about white hole before but the fact that big bang itself is confusing because it is somewhat impossible for the universe to suddenly have energy and enormous mass of matter just from nothing(big bang). i hope that you will keep updating your blog even after we finish this course and believe me, i would definitely read it. xoxo


  5. I know right! The fact that Big Bang itself happened really make me dumbfounded, I mean, how did THAT happen? Thus, the existence of white hole should knock some sense! But still, the white hole sounds appealing, but it is still a theory nevertheless. Aww, thanks! Maybe I will write something, given that blogging is really engaging! 🙂


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