The 13th Zodiac

This is a completely new stuff to me. Before this, I only knew 12 zodiacs, the result of early astronomers dividing the celestial sphere into 12 divisions and calling them 12 signs of zodiacs based on the brightest constellations in the sky at that particular time. Nowadays, people always associate zodiacs to astrology, the field of study that involves beliefs and movement of celestial bodies which interpretations are influenced by the perspectives of humans. Thus the predictions of one’s future and behavior based on his/her zodiac – this is what we call as horoscopes. Some other cultures also interpret zodiacs in their own way – the Chinese having zodiacs associated with 12 animals and Greeks also bringing along the meaning of zoidiakos, meaning ‘little animals’- and many more!

the zodiacs based on the constellations on certain times in a year. Picture taken in OUROBOROS PONDEROSA (go visit! their blog is awesome!)

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually 13 zodiacal constellations (Yes! That’s so exciting! At least, to me.) One named OPHIUCHUS is now sandwiched between Scorpio Sagittarius. Now, this is an exciting news – the ancients already knew about this 13th zodiac but they thought that it was insignificant thus its disappearance from the daily horoscopes. Moving on to the astronomy part of the discussion, ophiuchus is located at the celestial equator. It is more prominent during winter in Northern Hemisphere (that’s where I live) and summer in Southern Hemisphere around November to January. It was formerly referred as Serpentarius due to its outline that looked like a man clasping a serpent.

Ophiuchus – taken in Top Astronomer

The sudden hype about ophiuchus started when NASA reported that there has always been a 13th constellation – it is still one of the 88 modern constellations – and that caused many astrology followers to go berserk (talk about the hassle in astrological dates). However, constellations and astronomy has nothing to do with astrology. One must not let bunches of stars to dictate his/her daily actions and future, but still the decision on whether or not to follow the signs is up to you – that goes without saying – you decide who you want to be.

You can read more about the controversial sign here or you can also check the “newly updated” astrological dates here.


4 thoughts on “The 13th Zodiac

  1. Hello Naz! This is a very good read, in fact, i never knew there exist such thing as 13th Zodiac! I read horoscopes sometimes but don’t usually believe them. I would love to read about zodiac Ophiuchus horoscopes (if there’s one, haha!). Have a good day!


  2. Hey, Ali. In my opinion, it is possible to have many more zodiacal signs in the future because the present zodiac signs are just few of many. The ancient astronomers has actually found many more constellations that can be made into astrology signs but the decided to just stick with few (reason? Idk to be honest). So yeah, there might be more in the future but the possibilities are endless.


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